March, the moon … and a mantra

March is here, in all its glory!

The Equinox on 20th marks the astrological start of Spring – and at this point, day and night become equal in length. This heralds the transition into Summer – and the long, hot sunshine-filled days that so many people look forward to all through the deep days of Winter.

There is an abundance of natural beauty all around us at Springtime … from the cheery bright yellow daffodils to the new lambs, frolicking happily in the fields. In the woods, there is so much going on too – woodland creatures are creating nests, bees are awakening from their slumber and the birdsong is glorious. Bluebell shoots are bursting forth, with flowers soon to follow. Wood anemones are starting to carpet the forest floor and the evocative aroma of wild garlic is wafting on the breeze.

A forest therapy experience can help us to pause and open all of our senses, so we can savour all the beauty that nature has to offer us. Why not join us on our Embracing Nature event on 4th April in beautiful Blean Woods, to experience Spring as never before?

And nature offers us an abundance of beauty at night-time too. Gazing at the night sky can reward us with glimpses of literally millions of stars, all twinkling with their own unique rhythm against the black velvet backdrop. The moon can stir deep emotions, as its silvery rays bathe us, sometimes shrouded in clouds.

Next time you’re out in the dark, why not take a few moments to pause, look up and notice what’s there?

And if you pause to notice the sky on 9th March, you may see the Supermoon – a glorious full moon which will seem larger and brighter than usual, as it is closer to the earth this month. This full moon is also known as the Lenten Moon – named from the old English word ‘lencten’, meaning Spring, and also as it usually occurs during the period of Lent.

Lent is traditionally a time that we can choose to give something up. Many people opt to give up alcohol or sugar, for example, during Lent. But how would it be to choose to give up an unhelpful habit instead?

  • What habit do you recognise as being unhelpful to you?
  • How might you give it up?
  • Can you replace it with a positive, helpful habit?

We offer you this simple breathing mantra as a support:

“Breathing in, a new beginning ……. breathing out, a letting go”

We would love to hear what YOU are giving up for Lent and your experience of letting it go – please do feel free to share it with us.