Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this and for your interest in Be Naturally.

I am and have been a busy working parent for many years now and I know only too well how challenging it can be, dealing with the enormous pressures that daily family life can bring, along with work commitments and all the ‘other stuff’ life throws at us.  I have found that my personal Yoga and meditation practice are a constant support, which enrich and nourish my life.

Whether it be through movement or stillness, indoors or outdoors in nature I am committed to helping others to navigate life with more ease, leading to a happier and healthier YOU!   

I began my Yoga journey back in 2000, when I was teaching many fitness classes and was heavily involved with the ‘fitness industry’.  I was teaching various classes and personal training both in and out of the gym.  A dear friend suggested I undertake a Yoga home correspondence course, Yoga was not such an everyday word at that time and I thought she was mad suggesting it.  After much deliberation I agreed and so completed the course and became ‘qualified’ to teach Yoga.  It did not take me too long before I realised that I would need more knowledge if I wished to continue my Yoga journey.  I was certainly keen to do so as I had a feeling that there was something more to this ‘Yoga’ and it had something to offer.  Little did I know just how much.  I then signed up for the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma training over three and half years and qualified in 2007.  I had amazing tutors who taught me so much, one major teaching that stands out above all was kindness.  The kindness that oozed from one of my lovely tutors was imprinted into my bones -true kindness from a true Yogi.  Although I did not really know how to apply this kindness to myself at the time.

Needless to say the fitness world was becoming less appealing to me and my interest no longer lay with fitness, but more with health and well-being.  I continued my journey teaching Yoga and attending more training with various tutors, attending many retreats and courses.  Throughout this time after attending a retreat, I found my personal daily yoga practice and this alone was a turning point for me, a daily practice improved most aspects of my life. I continue to practice daily, this is very important to me, I feel it is a necessary part of my teaching, Yoga is with me every day in some way.  It has been one of the most supportive and helpful resources in my life through some extremely difficult times – and I can wholeheartedly say Yoga has, and is, helping me every step of the way.

During my exploration of Yoga I was very fortunate to meet yet another wonderful yoga teacher – Peter Blackaby – who I continue to practice with at present, his approach wholly resonates with me.  I was at a stage on my journey where I was asking myself why I was doing what I was doing.  It was all feeling a bit mechanical and I was questioning myself as to where I go from here.  That all changed after I attended this particular Yoga workshop that Peter happened to be holding at a local venue; a pivotal moment for me.  After that I was keen to learn more about this intelligent approach to Yoga and I still continue to practice with him on a one to one basis.  From this moment on my practice truly deepened, I had found a cohesive approach to Yoga, grounded in effective practice which continues to serve me well.  This is probably the moment I was hooked, I then knew Yoga would always be part of my life.  I feel such gratitude for finding and being given a practice that I can authentically say supports me in ways I had never imagined possible.  Particularly how it teaches me that by embracing our vulnerability we allow ourselves to be open to new and wonderful possibilities. The practice happens from the inside out.

This leads me to my intention, which is to help you to experience the benefits that Yoga can bring, to become more aware of the relationship you have with yourself, as I have done and continue to do. Together finding ways to be kinder, more compassionate, caring, and true; not to those around us because that’s the easy bit, but with ourselves.  I face this challenge every day, it is a work in progress.  We can learn how to become our own best friend through Yoga, we can draw upon it at any time we need, but first of all we have to re-connect with ourselves through our practice. Essentially experiencing ourselves through movement and stillness.

Yoga helps me enjoy many activities comfortably.   I enjoy running, cycling and of course Nordic Walking.  I recently ran in the London Marathon and I am convinced my practice helped in getting me through such a massive challenge.  I can truly say that I was injury and pain free throughout my training and post-marathon.  If you are a keen runner you may want to consider joining us on one of our retreats that will include running.

It is helpful for us to remember Yoga is not about the ‘doing’, it is about receiving; receiving ourselves through our practice. I can and will help you with this if you would like me to, I warmly welcome you to join us.

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