Hello, I’m Jayne – thanks for taking a look at our Be … Naturally website!

My passion is to help people live their best life possible, as I appreciate just how short and precious life is.

During my first career as a scientist in a global pharmaceutical company, I helped people to live well by contributing to the development of drugs which enhanced and saved lives.

In 2009, I was made redundant after 25 years – which was a great opportunity to explore how I could help people live well in a whole different way.   I retrained as a professional coach-mentor, set up a limited company and enabled people in and out of the workplace live their best lives through coaching and other approaches.

However, I also became curious about exploring natural approaches which could help people to live well.

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I had been meditating for many years and developed a regular mindfulness practice after leaving the corporate world.  This gave me some really practical tools. I noticed that I became calmer and rushed around much less – and I was also ‘present’ which enabled me to to appreciate what and who was here.  In a nutshell, mindfulness improved my health and well-being – and taught me how to respond more and react less.

For many years, I was prone to ‘road rage’ – even when stopping at a red traffic light!  One day I was heading to an important meeting when I became stuck in a long delay on the M25  … yet I responded calmly and effectively – which, for me, was a real ‘aha moment’.  This ‘mindfulness stuff’ really works!

Mindfulness had such a positive impact for me that I felt deeply motivated to help others reap the benefits for themselves too.  I became a mindfulness teacher, gaining professional accreditation in workplace mindfulness and training with the University of Bangor and the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.  Since 2012 I have helped many people in different organisations to bring mindfulness into their lives.  I also established mindfulness within a global outplacement company in the City to help others going through redundancy to effectively deal with the emotional impact and transition well into what comes next.  I am also very interested in bringing mindfulness to younger people, so I  trained with the Mindfulness in Schools Project to deliver the .be curriculum for 11 – 18 year olds.  My mindfulness CPD is ongoing as my curiosity to learn new things never ends!

These days it is my pleasure to help as many people as possible to bring mindfulness into their lives, in ways that are right for them – and mindfulness is a core theme at the heart of our Be … Naturally events and retreats.

I am discovering that there are many different ways for us to tap into our inner resources and live well,  These are often really simple – like bringing more Laughter into our lives – we could all do with more of this, so we run Be … Naturally events to help that happen too.

Spending time in nature is also a really simple and effective way to help our physical and emotional wellbeing.  Nature has played an important role throughout my life – even more so now, as  I take time to help people to connect with the natural world so they can reap the many positive benefits it has to offer.

Just being in nature for 15 minutes is scientifically proven to be a ‘natural de-stressor’ and has many benefits to our physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

I have led regular ‘mindfulness in nature’ walks in stunning ancient woodlands for a number of years.  To deepen this experience, I trained with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy  (ANFT), the global leaders – firstly completing an intensive immersion training week, then a further 6 months of study to become a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide.  I am the only Certified Guide in Kent and one of just a handful in the UK – and even across the whole globe there are only several hundred Guides, so I am privileged to be a part of this community.   Nature is important to us in our Be… Naturally events – many are held in wonderful natural surroundings and wherever possible our sessions include being in nature too.

I have a keen interest in many aspects of health and wellbeing.  I’ve been practicing yoga for over 30 years and I am a regular user of my local outdoor gym.  I also really enjoy running – for fun and for fundraising – and to my surprise I have clocked up 6 Marathons over the years.

I’m also privileged to have been a volunteer for my local Hospice for over 30 years.  Spending time each week with the patients simultaneously inspires and humbles me … and shows me that life is so short and so precious.  This is why I do whatever I can to help others live well, whatever their circumstances.

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