Would you like to
… feel more at peace?
… learn to feel more connected to yourself and others?
… learn how to move more easily?
… have more energy?

Yoga can help.

So what exactly IS Yoga?

Each of us will have our own interpretation of what yoga is, depending on our personal experiences and teachings of yoga; and where we are on our yoga journey. We would like to share with you what it means to us at Be Naturally at this stage of our journey.

The word ‘Yoga’ in Sanskrit means ‘union’ the joining together. Though how can we bring together our body, mind and breathing when they are not separate? Are they not already intimately interconnected?  Yes, of course, although through our life situations/events this innate unity can get lost/forgotten.

Yoga involves moving intelligently in a practice that will allow us time for self-enquiry and discovery.

How can Yoga benefit our overall health and well being?

Something that has become very apparent to us at Be Naturally is that we are all in need of healing in some way and yoga can help us tune into ourselves, so we can begin to listen and become more receptive to what is here in the moment. Yoga does not require us to be strong and flexible, it requires only one thing – to be present. Spending time on our yoga mat is how we learn to become more present, how to slow down, how to listen and how to notice ourselves more.  We learn how to be kinder, more compassionate to ourselves and find a more helpful internal dialogue.

Yoga can help us to repair and renew the wonderful interconnection that essentially is already there deep within ourselves and this learning can have a positive impact on how we communicate with ourselves, with others and the world around us.  Yoga also helps us to develop flexibility, strength, stamina and balance.

Developing a yoga practice is not necessarily an easy thing to do, but the rewards are plenty.  When we are able find a regular and continued yoga practice it can improve our health, increase our energy levels and bring an overall sense of peace and well-being.  It can change our lives in many useful ways.

Why not join us and together we can begin to unravel our layers to access the space each and every one of us has within ourselves, to Be … Naturally.