Why Forest Bathing?

We have evolved in nature - and we have known instinctively for centuries that just being in nature makes us feel alive and well.  Yet over the years, we have lost this connection.  

Our modern 21st Century lives can often feel hectic and stressful - and most of us spend more time indoors than outdoors.  We are often more connected to our devices - and their constant demands - than to what, and who, is actually here for us.  All of this can mean that we rarely give ourselves time - or permission - to slow down ... resulting in us living in a reactive state of 'high alert' for much of the time.

So you may find it's hard to take time out for you ... and when you do, it can be difficult to know just how to relax and give yourself that much-needed break.  If this all sounds familiar, then you’re not alone in feeling this way - and Be Naturally can help.

A simple antidote to the stresses of everyday life is to spend more time in nature.  And science is now proving what we already know to be true. Just spending even a short time in nature is proven to result in:

- Decreased stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness and anger
- Positive mood and self-esteem
- Increased focus, creativity and energy
- Improved sleep quality & duration
- Reduced blood pressure and increased cardiovascular health

In addition, many trees secrete natural chemicals called phytoncides to protect themselves from viruses and other dangers. And science shows that when we breathe them in, or absorb them through our skin, they boost our immune system, fight viruses and enhance our cancer-fighting ability.

The scientific evidence is so compelling that countries including Japan have designated healing forests where people go to find peace, stillness and balance - known as Shinrin Yoku ... literally ‘taking in the forest atmosphere’.  This has inspired the practice of Forest Bathing.  

What exactly IS Forest Bathing?

Firstly, here's what it is not ...!  It isn’t a strenuous hike or an interpretive walk - and it doesn't involve wild swimming, wearing swimsuits or taking a bath in the forest!  

It is simply a gentle, immersive, sensory wander over a short distance which enables you to pause, open up your senses and connect deeply with nature ... and with yourself.  Inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku - literally "taking in the forest atmosphere" - we slow down and pause often ... so we can really be aware of what we can see, hear, feel, smell and perhaps even taste.  Connecting with nature in this way enables us to let go of everyday worries and to simply notice what is here – often with joy, wonder and awe - which can lead to a profound sense of inner stillness, peace and harmony.  

You will have the opportunity to experience how nature becomes your guide in offering you the therapeutic benefits that you require in that moment.  And to further enhance your experience, you will be offered space to share within the group, if you would like to.

Forest Bathing creates the chance for nature to heal us from the impact of our often busy and stressful lives.  And science shows us that regular, repeated exposure to nature increases the benefits to our physical, mental and social well-being incrementally ... the more often you 'forest bathe', the greater the positive impact.

Why Forest Bathing with Be Naturally?

We have both been delighted and inspired by nature since childhood - and chose to deepen this lifelong love of nature with some specialised training to enable us to authentically and professionally guide others to connect with nature.  We are both highly experienced Nature Guides and completed extensive training with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) - the global leaders in nature connection.  We are the only 2 ANFT Certified Guides in Kent - an advantage unique to be Naturally - and we combine our wealth of wisdom and knowledge in natural well-being approaches to enhance your forest bathing experience.  

During our Forest Bathing experiences, we will offer you gentle invitations to help you to connect deeply with nature - and also a space in which to share your experience, if you wish to.  We guide with warmth, enthusiasm and a genuine love of nature - and we are also certified Wilderness First Aiders, so you know you are in safe hands too.

"Jayne and Jules made me feel relaxed"

"Fantastic experience, lovely hosts, good connection with nature"

"Having never experienced anything like this before, I felt a bit sceptical - but it was very calming the way it was explained and I found it really relaxing"

"Our 'leaders' were outstanding - they helped us open to the beauty around us.  We noticed more and felt more ..."

How can I try Forest Bathing for myself?

Why not experience a Be Naturally Forest Bathing event and find out for yourself how profound the impact can be?  We run our events in beautiful locations in Kent, throughout the year. Click on the button below to explore what's happening - and book YOUR Forest Bathing experience NOW! 

As well as our popular public events, we also offer corporate forest bathing experiences - so you and your team can connect in a very different way.

Or why not let us organise you very own private event, especially for you and your family / friends - perhaps a birthday or anniversary celebration - or maybe a pre-wedding event with a difference?  
Interested?  Then just contact us and we will make it happen!