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Forest bathing has taken off as a source of health and wellness recently.  More and more people are choosing to immerse themselves in natural spaces, including forests, to detox and relax.  Through forest bathing we get to understand deeply our connection with the wonders of nature and it enriches our understanding of how our natural spaces need our protection.  We are part of this eco-system and we must treat it with care.  

Deriving from the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku - literally "taking in the forest atmosphere" - forest bathing is a natural antidote to the impact of our often over-busy and stressful lives.  Spending time in nature heals us.  Not only does it help you to feel calm relaxed and refreshed,  it is scientifically proven to profoundly benefit our physical, mental and social health.  Eg, decreases blood pressure and gives us a heightened immune system.  It is accumulative and regular practice gives us the most benefit. 

We are Jules and Jayne - Certified Forest and Nature Guides with the ANFT - and we invite you to join us for a Be Naturally forest bathing event ... no swimsuits needed!  We will guide you gently, professionally and intuitively - to help you to step out of 'daily life', leave your stresses and worries behind and immerse in the glorious nature that is here for you.

As we wander quietly, we will help you to awaken all of your senses so you can reconnect not only to the nature that surrounds you but with yourself too.  We offer you sensory ‘invitations’ to help you to slow down and move into what we call 'tree time' - peaceful time with the wisdom of nature so you can truly notice and savour what's here.  And to further deepen your connection, there's space for you to share your experience within the group.  The event culminates with a very special Tea Ceremony. (Includes homemade treats).

Our forest bathing events take place at the beautiful Vinters Valley Nature Reserve - a hidden gem to the north-east of Maidstone.  And to make things even more special, we have been granted permission to access a beautiful private space within the Reserve which is not open to the general public - bringing even more uniqueness to our Be Naturally events. 

Forest bathing promotes a profound sense of peace and wellbeing, which will help to ground you  and you may also find that the benefits continue long after you have left the woods.  

How do I book?

The cost of our Vinters Valley Forest Bathing experiences is £20.00 - each booking will contribute to supporting Vinters Valley Nature Reserve.

Here is our schedule of forest bathing events at Vinters for 2022:

You can book online with PayPal* / credit or debit card - just choose your preferred date(s) and time(s) then click on the appropriate button(s) above.  Prefer not to pay a booking fee?  Then make a bank transfer instead!  Please contact us and we will provide details.
*£1.00 booking fee applies if using PayPal  

Adults over 18 only please - and sorry, no dogs. Full details of the forest bathing event will be provided once you have made your booking.

Please note that there is a minimum/maximum group size for these events.  We may need to cancel our forest bathing experiences in the event of extreme adverse weather conditions which may make it unsafe to go ahead.

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