Nourishing November

Below are some useful bits to help you as you make your journey through Nourishing November – and beyond.  In addition, you can click here for the shared materials which you as a group have provided.  Enjoy!

Week One: Why ‘nourish’?

We have suggested that you might like to keep a journal throughout Nourishing November – click here if you would like to know more about the benefits of doing this.

We are inviting you to make some choices which help you to prioritise taking care of YOU – so you may wish to read this article to give you more ideas.

Here is a body scan by Tara Brach, although this is a seated meditation it could also be practiced lying down – we encourage you to practice it as often as is right for you.

Our Yin Yoga practice was based around the kidney meridian – if you would like more information about it, then please click here.

Drinking nettle or dandelion tea is said to be great for the kidneys – click on the links to read about this and the many other benefits they offer us.

Keep taking care of you … enjoy the meditation and journal anything that comes up for you this week.

Thank you all for being with us today, we really appreciate your time and commitment to our Nourishing November.

Week Two – Kindness

Why be kind to ourselves?

Remember those feelings that were evoked at just hearing the words ‘Criticise’ and ‘Kindness.’  Which would you choose?

A gesture of kindness to ourselves can be a wonderful way of quietening down our inner critic.  Replacing it with a kinder, more compassionate and caring voice; encouraging a more nourished sense of being.  With the busy period looming we sometimes have so many more demands on us and at times like this our inner critic can become rather obtrusive.  We were practicing tangible ways in which to bring loving kindness to ourselves, to help us through life itself – and these practices may certainly come in useful during the busy-ness of the festive period.

When you practice loving kindness on a regular basis you will begin to notice that this response to life itself becomes increasingly spontaneous and natural. We can become our own best friend.  How wonderful to discover a best friend who knows everything about you, has been through everything that you have experienced in life and who has your back all the time. What a gift.

Our Yin Yoga practice was based around the heart/small intestine meridian – if you would like more information about it, including some simple tips, then please click here.

If you would like a little more information about walnuts and their benefits click here.

Here are two links to meditations similar to those we experienced:

Affectionate breathing practice

Loving kindness for ourselves practice

Once again please do keep taking care of you … enjoy the meditation and remember to give yourself a well-deserved hug every now and then!

Thank you for being with us for our Nourishing November, we really appreciate your time and commitment.

We have also created a webpage for your shared materials here.

Week 3 – Nourishing through Nature

Thank you for joining us in the beautiful woods at Mote Park – we hope you enjoyed your Forest Therapy experience.

We also hope it may have inspired you to bring some elements of Forest Therapy into your own outdoor activities.  Maybe you will choose to slow down, walk gently and pause to notice nature – or even introduce  a ‘sit spot’ into your walks?  Being outdoors is a natural healer and ‘de-stressor’ – science shows that being in nature for as little as just 15 minutes has a whole host of positive benefits.  So why not wrap up warm, get outdoors and let nature nourish you, during Nourishing November and beyond?

P.S. some of you said how much you loved the “Fantastic Fava” snacks,  so here’s a link to the ‘Off the Eaten Path’ website.  Even snacks can be healthy and nourishing!

Week 4 – Nourishing in daily life.

Thank you for joining us for our final Nourishing November session.  It was such a pleasure to reflect on our experiences together and share how we will each continue to take care of ourselves by embedding nourishing into our daily lives.

As with other weeks, here are some bits and pieces you may wish to explore:

Here is a suggestion for a Progressive Muscle Relaxation similar to the beautiful one we shared together – plus it also contains some handy tips for you to explore.

If you are inspired to try the Chocolate Meditation for yourself, you can be guided through a similar practice to the one we shared by clicking here.  And you may also be interested to read about 7 Proven Benefits of Dark Chocolate!

The poems we shared are written below for you.

And finally – to help you to continue to nourish and be kind to yourself throughout December, here is a link to the Action for Happiness “Do Good December” Kindness Calendar.

Our hope is that you have enjoyed our Nourishing November and that it has given you some new awareness, tips and tools to help you to continue to be nourished, throughout the festive season – and beyond.   Please don’t forget to send us your honest thoughts and comments via the Feedback Form – we truly value this.

Take care, go well – and stay nourished, dear friends.

Jayne and Jules

Just For Me –  Anna Villalobos

What if a poem were just for me?
What if I were audience enough because I am,
Because this person here is alive, is flesh,
Is conscious, has feelings, counts?
What if this one person mattered not just for what
She can do in the world
But because she is part of the world
And has a soft and tender heart?
What if that heart mattered,
if kindness to this one mattered?
What if she were not distinct from all others,
But instead connected to others in her sense of being distinct, of being alone,
Of being uniquely isolated, the one piece removed from the picture—
All the while vulnerable under, deep under, the layers of sedimentary defence.
Oh let me hide
Let me be ultimately great,
Ultimately shy,
Remove me, then I don’t have to…
But I am.
Through all the antics of distinctness from others, or not-really-there-ness, I remain
No matter what my disguise—
Genius, idiot, gloriousness, scum—
Underneath, it’s still just me, still here,
Still warm and breathing and human
With another chance simply to say hi, and recognize my tenderness
And be just a little bit kind to this one as well,
Because she counts, too.

Look – Unknown

Look up with wonder,

Look back with gratitude,

Look around with love,

Look within with honesty,

Look ahead with anticipation.

Thank you to Sarah for sharing