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Welcome to the Be … Naturally story.

Why did we form Be … Naturally?

Natural approaches – including yoga, mindfulnessforest therapy and nordic walking – have profoundly transformed our own lives … and we both have a deep desire to share what we have learned, so others can reap the benefits.

We first met during our training as Laughter Skills Facilitators … curiosity to find out more had brought us both there independently.  During the training, we discovered we both shared a deep passion for helping people live their lives well through natural approaches.  This created a bond of friendship which naturally evolved into bringing our individual skills and experiences together – and Be … Naturally flourished from there on.

We believe that we all have within us a natural ability to find our purpose and maximise our health and wellbeing. However, in today’s world of unhelpful stresses, over busy-ness and 24/7 communication, many of us have lost touch with this ability … or perhaps we have not yet discovered that it lies within us.

We created Be … Naturally to help you to (re-)discover, cultivate and embed these natural skills, to help improve your health and well-being and find more ease in your life.

What makes us different?

Our individual life experiences, knowledge and wisdom are drawn from many diverse sources … formally through our respective teaching and career paths, and informally from the richness of life’s ups and downs.

Our philosophy for Be … Naturally reflects the values and beliefs which we embody in our own lives and are at the core of our events, workshops and retreats.

We have brought all of this together to create the unique offerings that are Be … Naturally – which means we can bring you a wealth of enhanced and tangible benefits.

Integrating all of this through our individual sessions and events, we make natural approaches and their benefits accessible to all.  Importantly, we give you the opportunity to take away what you have learned and bring it very practically into your daily life.

If you’d like to find out more about each of us, take a look at About Jayne and About Jules.