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The Gift of a Festive Pause

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” as the Christmas song goes.  And indeed, for many of us it is.

The festive preparations are in full swing and there’s an air of great excitement.  Families and friends plan gatherings, festive treats are being prepared, trees are being decorated and special gifts are being wrapped and given with love.

However, many of us get caught up in striving for the ‘perfect’ Christmas.  We may have a seemingly never-ending list of people to buy presents for, so find ourselves rushing around feeling frazzled and desperately searching for ‘the’ gift for a loved one.  We can spend so much time and energy worrying about how it will all work out and getting caught up in over-planning, that we reach the Big Day itself anxious and exhausted. Perhaps we are worrying so much about whether the Christmas pud will ignite in spectacular fashion, that we can’t enjoy our turkey.

And Christmas may not be a “wonderful time of the year” for everyone, for many different reasons.  For example, some of us will be missing someone dear, some of us will be feeling alone, some of us will not be feeling very festive at all.  All of this can give rise to challenging emotions – so we may miss the true joy of the festive season altogether.

Whether you are full of the joys of Christmas or not we offer you the gift of a Festive Pause – a short mindfulness meditation to help you to come back to the present moment … to find some peace, any time you wish.

Why not take time for you,  find somewhere cosy and comfortable, and give it a try?

The more you practice this, the more readily you will be able to come to the present moment in everyday life – so you really can be fully present for what – and who – the festive season brings you.

This year, why not give yourself the gift of  Christmas Presence?

Wishing you a magical and peaceful Christmas

With love and kindness,  Jayne and Jules