Here’s what people say about our day retreats:

“Beautiful people running beautiful practices in a beautiful location”

“A relaxing, unpressured and thought-provoking day which embraced the concept of being kind to yourself. Very well organised in an amazing location with inspirational teachers :-)”

“Just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing ‘retreat’ day and how it has totally opened my eyes to new horizons and ways of exploring my working and personal life. You are both such a perfect blend, particularly on how you both created such a peaceful, serene and trusting environment” – Jan C.
Find out what inspired Jan by watching her video.

“The venue was terrific, Jules and Jayne are a very good duo, there is a lovely synergy between them and I felt privileged to have spent time with them”

“How lovely it was to be amongst others seeking a happy, fulfilling and recharging day. The sole aim was to be nourished and refreshed. That was all that mattered. I felt present and rewarded”.

“One thing that really does stick in my mind is how well Julie and Jayne both interacted and complimented each others styles” – Robin C
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“If you want to be in a beautiful, tranquil environment with kind people where you can practice yoga and mindfulness and let go of your worries, then seek out Jules and Jayne!”

“Am going home feeling truly refreshed and hopeful”

“A day to be yourself and totally in tune with nature – spent with very special people”

“You’ll come away feeling recharged, refreshed and rejuvenated – with an improved sense of well-being”
– Ginette S.

Watch Ginette’s video to find out about her retreat experience.

Here’s what people say about our residential retreat weekends:

Jayne and Jules – you bring joy, love, peace and space to the universe”

“Really liked the informal, friendly and caring nature of Jules and Jayne, and the group too”

“I liked the fact that it was a small group – made it seem even friendlier and Jules and Jayne were there to address any issues or problems”

Yoga retreat nature

“The experience I was able to take away was awesome.  There were magical moments for me – and I didn’t expect this to happen” – Nicholas H

Learn what made this residential retreat “magical” for Nicholas by watching his video. 

“I cannot recommend the retreat highly enough – will definitely book again”

“Jules and Jayne are a delight to be around!”

“Loved all of the yoga and mindfulness practices, the flexibility with the agenda and the option to join in or not”