Do you want to

… feel less stressed and anxious?

… stop being preoccupied with what’s ‘in your head’?

… settle your busy mind?

… become calm and still – even when under pressure?

Mindfulness can help.

A wealth of scientific research proves that mindfulness brings about many benefits which improve our health and enable us to live well.

  • Benefits to physical health include reducing stress, treating heart disease and gastrointestinal problems, lowering blood pressure and improving sleep and energy levels.  It also helps people to effectively deal with chronic illness and pain.
  • Benefits to mental health include helping to treat depression, anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem, substance abuse and eating disorders.  We learn to manage our thoughts and emotions, so we become less preoccupied with what’s ‘in our head’ and less likely to get caught up with rumination or worrying.  We also learn to manage our ‘inner critic’ and stop judging ourselves harshly.
  • Benefits to well-being – being fully present helps us to notice, appreciate and have gratitude for what and who is here.  We connect deeply and form more meaningful relationships – with ourselves and the world around us.  We experience life with a fresh perspective, which opens up new possibilities.  We learn to respond, not react – so we can make wise choices which give us new, healthy ways to relate to whatever life brings.

So what exactly IS mindfulness?

“Being fully aware of what’s going on in your mind, body and world around you, in the present moment – without judging” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Simple, right?

However, practicing and embedding mindfulness is not necessarily easy … our mind likes to be busy so it has other ideas! Just like training an unruly puppy, developing a regular practice takes time and patience.  It’s not a quick fix – nor is it a ‘magic wand’ as it won’t take away the difficulties in life.  But – as many thousands of people have discovered – the positive benefits of mindfulness are life-enhancing … life-changing, even.  Based on our own personal experiences here at Be Naturally, we would agree with that.

Mindfulness at Be Naturally

Here at Be … Naturally, we have a longstanding mindfulness practice, as well as a depth of formal training, so mindfulness is inherently at the core of all of our events, courses and retreats.

We run our Live Well with Mindfulness course to help you learn and embed mindfulness so you can apply it tangibly and practically into your everyday life.

In addition, we offer a wonderful and insightful Mindful Self-Compassion course, enabling us to bring the same kind and caring attention that we bring to a good friend to ourselves, whenever we need it.  Mindful Self-Compassion is also scientifically proven to help increase resilience, self-worth, well-being and happiness.

Why not try mindfulness for yourself – and go from survive to thrive?