Client Spotlight

Here's what Matthew Whitfield - Senior Career Transition and Mobility Coach with global talent acquisition and job recruitment solutions company Lee Hecht Harrison - had to say about his experience of partnering with Be Naturally:

Employee wellbeing matters

People in the workplace are facing many challenges in our post-pandemic world.   Working from home can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.  Being mandated to return to the office may be challenging - and making a hybrid model work can be a struggle.  There are more demands than ever on their time, in and out of work - all set against a backdrop of turbulence and increasing unknowns and uncertainty. This heightened stress and anxiety impacts physical and mental health in many ways - including burnout.  

The result?  High levels of absenteeism, low levels of employee retention, satisfaction, engagement, productivity and creativity - and significant cost to the business.

Many organisations recognise that employee wellbeing matters.  However, a survey by Adecco published in July 2022 found that the wellbeing interventions implemented by many companies are not hitting the mark with employees - leaving them feeling even more disengaged and disillusioned.  And the corporate issues remain unresolved.

"73% of companies feel the well-being of their workers has become more important to improve workers’ engagement and satisfaction"

"Only 1/3 of companies offer the initiatives that employees say would help most
(aside from flexible hours and location)"

We are experts in solving corporate issues

Our bespoke solutions improve people's health and wellbeing - reducing stress and anxiety, which helps people to be happier and healthier.  They also become more focused, creative and productive, kinder to themselves - and others - and more resilient.  And they manage change more effectively - enabling them to deal with whatever daily life brings, with more ease.  In the workplace, this leads to increased satisfaction, engagement, productivity and creativity - reducing absenteeism and cost to the business.  

At Be Naturally, we have a wealth of experience and academic training to draw on, which we bring together to create innovative, bespoke solutions.  We take time to talk with employees and stakeholders from across the organisation to gain a deep understanding of the underling issues - then design and implement a unique solution, tailored to optimally fit the organisation ... and to achieve the results it needs.  Our flexible delivery options include online via Zoom, face-to-face in your workplace or at an external venue .... or even outdoors, for something refreshingly different.  

Like the sound of what we do?  Then contact us to arrange an informal, complementary discussion to explore how we can improve the wellbeing of your people - and solve your corporate issues.