7 out of 10 workers have ‘checked out’ or are ‘actively disengaged’

In 2014, over 73% of people in the workplace experienced stress that caused psychological or physical symptoms – and the estimated mental ill health costs for employers in the UK is £26 billion.   This is the backdrop to which many organisations are operating currently – without factoring in on-going restructure, downsizing or other major organisational change.

The good news is that yoga, mindfulness and other natural approaches can offer significant benefits to mental and physical health and well-being.  Implementing these approaches in the workplace helps colleagues to better deal with the stresses of a busy work environment, as well as the challenges of trying to balance work and home, and – importantly – their own needs, to ensure they stay resilient.

The benefits of natural approaches to colleagues are well-recognised and include:

  • Decreased impact of stress
  • Increased personal resilience, energy and effectiveness
  • Enhanced decision making, creativity and positive thinking patterns
  • Decreased muscle tension and pain
  • Increased memory, focus and concentration
  • Enhanced ability to manage change effectively and deal with whatever life brings

In addition,  these natural approaches are proven to improve colleague engagement, morale and job satisfaction – and decrease absenteeism and sickness, which positively impacts the bottom line.

At Be … Naturally, we take time to understand what is going on in your organisation, then work with you to define the optimum intervention which will give colleagues the greatest benefit and maximise the return on your investment.

We have a wealth of experience to draw on, which we bring together to create unique and innovative interventions.  This way, we can give you and your colleagues exactly what you need – and we can deliver it either in your workplace or outside of it … or even outdoors, for something refreshingly different.

Examples of what we can offer include:

  • Regular yoga, mindfulness or yoga and mindfulness sessions in the workplace
  • Activities for colleague health and well-being events
  • ‘Taster’ sessions for key stakeholders and / or colleagues
  • Laughter workshops – yes really … and the science proves numerous benefits!
  • Offsite events in beautiful venues – e.g. yoga, mindfulness, forest therapy
  • Bespoke sessions for HR colleagues to increase resilience and well-being
  • Nature-based leadership – using the lessons nature teaches us to become a more authentic and effective leader

To arrange an informal, complementary meeting to discuss how we can help to make a positive difference for you and your colleagues, just contact us.