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Welcome to our Be … Naturally Blog

Tree Shinrin Yoku forest nature

Today is World Mental Health Day

Give your mental and physical health some TLC by spending some time in Nature! There's a wealth of scientific evidence which shows how just being in Nature has many benefits for us, physically and mentally - including decreased stress and…
laugh feel good

Do you have enough laughter in your life?

Well, DO you have enough laughter in your life? No? Would you be interested in coming to a Laughter Workshop - where you'll 'laugh for no reason' and leave feeling energised, refreshed and happy? Just contact us if so - and if we have…
Jayne and Jules

Welcome to our Be ... Naturally website!

Hello - we are Jayne and Jules. This is our first blog - and we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Be ... Naturally website! We hope you like the site and all it has to offer.  Please do have a browse around, click a few…